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Professor (Engr.) Eli Jidere Bala FNSE

Director General/CEO

NEW! Please Review & Feedback - Draft National Energy Policy (Reviewed)

NEW! For your Comments also:  Draft Renewable Energy Masterplan (Reviewed)

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Welcome to the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) website. The ECN was established by Act No. 62 of 1979, as amended by Act No.32 of 1988 and Act No. 19 of 1989, with the statutory mandate for the strategic planning and co-ordination of National Policies in the field of Energy in all its ramifications. It commenced operation in 1989 after the meeting of the Heads of ECOWAS in 1982 at Conakry, where a declaration was made that each member state should establish an Agency called Energy Commission charged with the responsibilities for coordinating and supervising all energy functions and activities within each member state.The Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) is charged with the responsibility for the strategic planning and coordination of the nation’s policies on energy in all its ramifications and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Commission shall perform other eleven (11) functions  as follows:


Energy Commission of Nigeria shall:

  1. Serve as a centre for gathering and dissemination of    information relating to national policy in the field of energy;
  2. Serve as a centre for solving any inter-related technical problems that may arise in the implementation of any policy relating to the field of energy;
  3. Advise the government of the Federation or a State on questions relating to such aspect of Energy as the Government of the Federation or a State may from time to time refer to it;
  4. Prepare after consultation with such agencies of government whose functions relate to the field of Energy development or supply as the Commission considered appropriate, periodic master plans for the balanced and co-ordinated development of energy in Nigeria and such plans include:
    • i. Recommendations for the exploitation  of new  sources of
    • energy as when considered necessary, and
    • ii.Such other recommendations to the Government of the
    • Federation relating to its functions under this Decree as
    • the Commission may consider to be in the national
    • interest;
  5. Lay down guidelines on the utilization of energy types for specific purposes;
  6. Inquire into and advise the Government of the Federation or of the State on the adequate funding of the energy sector including research and development, production and distribution;
  7. Collate, analyze and publish information relating to the field of energy;
  8. Carry out such other activities as are conclusive to the discharge of its functions under this Decree;
  9. Monitor the performance of the Energy sector in the execution of government policies on energy;
  10. Promoting training and manpower development in Energy sector;

11. Liaise with all international organizations in Energy matters.




The ECN invites technical papers from experts for its new Journal on Energy Policy, Research and Development (JEPRD). Click here or go to News & Media for details.

See the Maiden edition and contact Editor, if interested.


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